“In 2010/2011 Mikael Vest and Vinderstrategi A/S managed a major strategy process for the Board of Dansk Mode & Textil // Dansk Fashion & Textile. A complex task in the fashion and textile industry, where our Board consists of powerful characters with mixed opinions and strong dedication. Mikael Vest provided a rare mix of two equally important ingredients in the strategy process.

The first ingredient was a very structured and theoretically well founded approach, making it clear from the beginning exactly how the strategy and change management process would take place.

The second ingredient was a very dynamic and flexible attitude, where Mikael was constantly listening to the needs and wants from the Management and the Board.

We experienced a professional and tailor-made approach, making sure that we ended up with the right vision, mission, strategy and future financial and strategic targets. Mikael constantly kept focus on the process and the target – and he had the power to make us restructure, concentrate, deselect and prioritize our energy. Mikael deserved our best recommendations for both his personal and operational skills. Pick Mikael if you want structure, energy, focus, laughter and necessary pain.”

Adm. direktør Preben Wegener Friis, Dansk Mode & Textil